The big idea

What's it all about?

Lepton is a brilliant, innovative donations platform used by churches and Christian non-profits. Lepton is like a mix between Kickstarter and the church ‘collection’ making it easy for new and younger givers to get giving quickly. Use our Cost Of Delay calculator here, and see why this matters. Lepton is designed with the local church at the centre and is built so that donations go directly to your account. We also make it easy for donors to add Gift Aid.

Why is Lepton unique?

At Lepton, we believe the local church is God’s plan for a broken world. We believe the church is the heart of each Christian’s life. That is why we are designed to make it quick and easy for people to practice the spiritual discipline of giving to their local church. Over 60% of giving on Lepton is made in the form of monthly donations to local churches. For others, it makes sense to make frequent, one-off gifts or to support a special project. Lepton is great for Christian nonprofits, too. When the local church thrives, the ministries surrounding the church also thrive.

What's with the name?

In Jesus’ time, a lepton was the smallest coin in circulation. Jesus talked about the generous widow who gave two leptons. We believe a lepton is the manifestation of a generous spirit, and the ultimate expression of faith and trust. Please read about it here.

How does it work?

Lepton is a fundraising platform for churches and Christian nonprofits. It is incredibly quick and easy for organisations to set up. Lepton is equally quick and easy for donors to use.

It’s designed to help you create the best connection with all your supporters – especially those who have not started giving yet. Lepton is specifically designed to appeal to a younger, tech-savy generation. As one of the pastors using Lepton for his church said, “I found out recently that none of the staff on my team even possess a cheque-book!”

If you’re an individual you can get set up and give to your church or chosen cause before you can say Jack Robinson. To find out how, just go here to get started.

If you are a church or Christian nonprofit, Lepton works by allowing you to set up your free profile, branded with your logo and images, in just five minutes. This is directly connected to your bank account, so that Lepton never even has to touch your money – one of the reasons we are 100% safe and secure. You then reach out to your congregation and supporters via Sunday announcements, emails, and social media. Before you know it, new givers will be arriving in their truck loads.

You can also launch specific projects. Lepton can be use to raise funds for a missions trip, a specific ministry event, or a building project. Often undecided givers feel a more immediate emotional connection with a specific project, Lepton helps bridge that gap.


Who's behind it all?

Between us, we include software developers, accountants, lawyers, management consultants, investments bankers, nonprofit directors, and pastors. More importantly, the team behind Lepton is actively involved in church leadership, because the impact of the church is what excites and envisions us. We understand the challenges churches and nonprofits face, and we also understand the huge possibilities that can grow out of developing a vibrant global platform for Christian generosity.

However, one member of our team sleeps all day.

Is Lepton a charity or a business?

We started as a not for profit, but it soon became apparent that it made more sense for us to operate as a company. Lepton is a business with a mission. Setting up something like this takes big investment, and we want to honour and repay our backers. We are excited about living at the intersection of business, faith, and theology. We believe that in terms of our vision and values, there should be no difference between us as a business and us as a nonprofit. We think that is something to do with dualism, but we are sure there are much wiser theologians than us using Lepton.

Large chocolate prizes will be presented for the best 500 word essay on the subject of dualism, as it relates to Lepton. We’re serious.

Loo paper: should I fold or roll?

Fold. Always fold.

Honestly, we’re shocked you clicked on this.

Using Lepton

Can individuals set up recurring monthly giving on Lepton?

Absolutely. This is at the heart of what we do. We make it incredibly easy to set up a monthly recurring donation to your church or nonprofit. We also make single donation giving and project giving dead easy, too.

Just go here to start giving now.

Does Lepton remember your church each time you come back?

Yes. Our core function is to facilitate consistent giving to your home church.

The first time you use Lepton, you are asked to favourite “My Church” with an orange star (Did you know Lepton means ‘orange star’ in Zwahili? We did that on purpose – honest). Once you have done this, Lepton will always keep your favourite church at the front and centre every time you come back.

See. We said it was easy.

Can donations get refunded?

Yes, donations can be refunded.

In most cases, you will need to get in touch with the administrator of the charity or church you have given to, and they will fix up a full refund for you.

Some organisations process their giving via Lepton, in which case we can handle donations directly.

The banks say they take between five and ten days to manage this process, once the refund has been commenced. We think they take a lot of tea breaks.

What cards does Lepton accept?

Visa, MasterCard, and American Express.

In the US, we also accept Discover, Diners Club, and JCB.

Is the iOS app free to download?

Yes, and there are no hidden fees or sneaky in app purchases.

You can trust us. We have honest faces.

How do individuals find their church or a favourite nonprofit?

The search functions enable you to search via church name on the website and app.

How do users get the app?

You can download the app for your iPhone here.

What about Windows and other smartphones?

Lepton works on all devices.

Our web solution is mobile-optimised. In English, this means that it will look and feel like an app on any device, even if its being used via web browser.

You can also use Lepton on any laptop or desktop.

What is the Optional Processing Fee?

Lepton allows the user to voluntarily pay a processing fee. We want to keep costs as low as possible for churches and nonprofits – often as low as 0% on regular gifts. The Optional Processing Fee is a way for individuals to help keep the fees low for their chosen cause. Without the Optional Processing Fee, we would need to increase the fees paid by churches and nonprofits.

Most people pay the Optional Processing Fee. If that’s you, thank you! If it’s not you, well, you may not like us yet as much as you will.


Do individual donors get receipts?

Yes. Lepton emails all donors a detailed receipt.

For US tax purposes, givers will need to receive an end of year report from their church or non-profit.


I've got a question, who should I contact?

As a Christian entity, we feel compelled to suggest first turning to God for any help. After that, we’re happy to help! Just shoot an email to


Can I set up outside the UK or USA?


Canada and Australia are coming soon, and our vision is to become a global platform for Christian giving. If you’d you like to follow our progress, please email, and we will keep you in the loop.

How much is a Lepton worth today?

Well, 2000 years ago it was worth a penny in Ancient Greece. A lepton represented 1/128th a day’s pay.

For a short read, check out this article.

The basics

Can I set up a reoccurring donation?

Yes. This is a core feature of Lepton. Find your church. Hit the “Monthly Donation” button. Sit back and feel satisfied.

What about Gift Aid? (UK only)

We make adding Gift Aid to your donation super-simple. You just add your postcode, and we find your address. Once you tick the Gift Aid declaration, all those details are securely stored. Any time you make another gift, if you still want to add Gift Aid, you can do so in a single click. No sweat.

Do I need an account to donate?


You may browse freely, but to make a donation, you need a Lepton account.

Making a Donation

Do you accept international donations?


We suggest you check with your bank, as there may be charges for making an international payment.

Do you accept payments on Paypal?


Stripe handles our payments. Our research shows Stripe to be more user oriented.

Is my donation tax-deductible?

Yes, where the profile or project is of a church or a registered nonprofit with a charity registration number (EIN).

Lepton sends out a detailed receipt for every donation. Your church or nonprofit will also issue you the requisite end of year report.

My card keeps getting rejected. Why?

Ensure you have input the details correctly, including how your name appears on the card and the 3 digit CVC number (the number on the back of the card. For American Express, use the front 4 digit number). Also check the expiration date.

If the problem persists, please contact your bank.

If you continue to have an issue after you have verified the card is working properly, please let us know:

What types of credit cards does Lepton accept?

Visa, MasterCard, and American Express.

In the US, we also accept Discover, Diners Club, and JCB.

Why can't I find the church or charity I'm looking for?

First, use the search function. If you are unable to locate your church, they may not have set up a profile yet. Email them everyday until they do, or email us and we will contact them for you.

If you represent a church or nonprofit, just go here and you can get set up for free in two shakes of a badgers tail.

If you have already created a profile and still can’t locate your church or nonprofit, please contact:

Why should I connect my account to Facebook?

This is the easiest way to help Lepton build a community of giving. We never share any details with Facebook regarding your donations or what churches and projects you support. Lepton simply uses your profile picture from facebook to show others in the Lepton Community who is supporting a specific church or project.


Can you give me tax advice?

Earn more than you spend. Pay your taxes. Other than that, it’s over to you.

I have a charge on my credit card that I don't recognize. Can you help me out?

If you have added an Optional Processing Fee to your donation, this will appear as a separate transaction on your credit card statement. Otherwise, you will only see transactions for regular or one-off donations.

If you feel you have been inappropriately charged, please contact us at

Can I sell a puppy on Lepton? Or maybe a kitten?


Remember, a dog is for life and not just for Christmas.

getting started

Do I have to be a Church or nonprofit to use Lepton?


Anyone can raise money on Lepton as long as the core purpose supports a Christian ethos. We have individuals as well as organisations raising money on Lepton.

To claim Gift Aid, you must be a UK registered charity.

Is it only for churches?


Our primary function is to support churches, but our broader desire is to create a Christian community focused on generosity.

Anyone can have an account and raise money on Lepton, as long as the core purpose supports a Christian ethos.

To claim Gift Aid, you must be a UK registered charity.


Got any good fundraising tips?

Of course! We have lots.

We have resources and guides to help anyone find success using Lepton. Check out our resource section for some hot tips.

How do I start receiving donations on Lepton?

All you need is a description of your church, a photo, and your bank account details. We use Stripe, a bank-grade payment provider, to directly deposit funds into your account. Lepton never handles any of your donations. You can launch your church, nonprofit, or project on Lepton in under five minutes. This is completely free and no credit card is required!

Unfamilar with Stripe? To discover why we believe they are a rock-solid platform to receive donations, click here.

How do I set up a project?

First, create an account with Lepton here.

Second, once inside your Lepton dashboard, click the “projects” link and fill in the necessary information.

That’s it.

Projects can be especially effective at creating an emotional connection with those who don’t yet give and are still undecided. Rather than inviting those folks to become regular monthly givers, many of the churches and charities on Lepton have found that launching a smaller project creates an instant connection and increases the likelihood of support.

I have set up my churches or nonprofit profile on Lepton. What are the best next steps?

Great question and we have a ton or great wisdom the Lepton community has learned about how not just to launch but to make Lepton work really well for you. So buckle up…

* Customize your church or charity profile page. Make sure you post a great description that catches the imagination and reflects your core mission. Add a logo, and a great photo.
* Consider adding one or maybe two fundraising Projects (depending on how big your congregation or supporter base is). If you launch too many Projects at the beginning then people may be paralysed by choice. For many, especially churches, it may make sense for you to simply launch with general giving.

We find that typically over 50% (often much more) of committed church members are not committed to regular monthly giving. Giving them a simple ‘mobile first’ tool like Lepton helps them get going much more quickly than more paper or more demanding desktop giving pages.

Starting a new Project can also be a great way of getting a connection with new or younger givers. To start a new Project, go to your Lepton dashboard here and click “Projects” on the left hand menu. In just a couple of minutes you can have a new Project up and running.

* Make your Project tangible. One of the ways you can do this is by suggesting donation amounts to your supporters that will lead to real life results.. It’s often true that donors prefer first of all to give to something specific so they know the difference they have made. For example on of our churches ran a project raising money for beds for the homeless shelter. They let people know that £25 buys one new camp bed – the shelter had all the new beds it needed inside two days. With projects like this we find that many of the donations are from people who have not given to the church before.

From here a deeper connection has been made and you can then get in touch later about supporting the general needs of your church or organisation.
* Spread the word. Reach out to all of your congregation and supporters, and where appropriate to all your friends and family and encourage them to give.

First, if you are a church, make sure you do a really good, clear, crisp launch over a number of Sunday services. It’s been said by (and by even wiser people than him) that people need to hear about something new at least seven times. So make a plan in the diary for the weeks where you are going to launch Lepton from the front. This is all the more important for members of the congregation only come once or twice a month.

Emails, are the next vital step. Your emails need to be specific and address one subject “Give today – click this link (to your profile on Lepton) or download the app [link to the app on itunes here]. If your ‘call to action’ (sorry for that marketing-speak) is buried under details of about the church picnic, and children’s church rota, people will feel much more OK about ignoring it.

Your emails need to come from a trusted leader. The launch emails especially need to be from someone people know. If you are a church then these need to be from the Pastor’s email account (they get opened more than the general administration email – sorry to say, but its true).

Why email? Email generates a much better response than social media, and typically, the more people you can email, the more personally, the more giving you will receive. Social media is great for generally letting everyone know – but you will get a more direct response from emails. Include a link to your Lepton Project or Profile and then people can simply click, and give.

Social media is still important in reinforcing your message (let’s not forget, so make sure you do this as often as you can too. But a good set of dedicated emails are essential.

* If you know anyone under the age of fifteen, ask them to connect the giving button on your web page to the URL of your Lepton profile.

* Get your PCC or elders or trustess or small group leaders involved – you know what they are called in your church or charity. Your leaders are key supporters. Make sure to get them involved.

* Say ‘Thank you’ … a lot! Thank your supporters straight away and make them feel that you care about them and are grateful. You do and you are… so that should be easy! But in the reality of our busy lives we know this is something you need to plan. Maybe get a particular member of your team to be the Vice President of Gratitude or the Minister of Thanks – so that someone is on this as a key role in your overall ministry.

So now you are probably itching to get going.

You can create your free profile here. Go on – why delay.

Oh by the way, if you want to work out what the Cost of Delay is, why not check out our snazzy Cost of Delay calculator, that lets you know how much money you will miss out on if you delay

My charity is based outside of the UK and United States, can I still use Lepton?


Lepton works wherever you can set up a Stripe (our payment gateway) account, but our dashboard and data are currently set up for the UK. The US functionality will be added in early 2016. Email us to find out more.

Once Lepton is up and running in the US, you will be able to raise funds in GB£ or US$. Your donors will get receipts by email, you will get a full dashboard of details on every gift, and the ability to download rich data from both Lepton and Stripe (acting as our payment gateway).

We will be launching the ability to raise funds in up to 130 currencies in the near future.

Stripe charges more to convert foreign exchange, but if Stripe operates in your country, you can use Lepton. See more about where Stripe operates here.

What stands Lepton out from the crowd?

From the ground up, Lepton is designed around the local church – which, along with far wiser folks than us, we believe is, “the hope for the world.” This is why Lepton is an effective tool for Christian nonprofits, as they also work together to edify the local church. Charities and churches have found new and younger givers are more likely to donate using Lepton than with more traditional methods.

What about multi-site churches?

Lepton is perfect for multi-site churches. Each multi-site congregation is different, and we are committed to finding the best solution for your church.

Email us, and we can schedule a call to work out what would fit best for you.

What support will I get from Lepton?

If you’re like most churches, you are stretched and extremely busy, so good service is key. We are here on hand to help with anything you need. Plus we give you heaps of free resources to make Lepton a success. The help section has a wealth of tips, and you will also want to make sure you visit our Resources section for maximum impact.

The basics

Why is a quicker donation better?

Studies show that the longer transactions take to complete, the drop off rate increases significantly. At Lepton, we are all about increasing your donations, so we make it as easy as possible for people to support you. Once a user has created an account, donations can be made in two clicks.

What about Gift Aid? (UK only)

It could not be easier for you and your supporters to get all the benefits of Gift Aid. You can download a pre-formatted spreadsheet with all the information you need. You can immediately attach the spreadsheet to an email and forward straight on to HMRC. Easy peasy!

Is Lepton good value?

Lepton is amazing value. Many other operators in this field charge 4% to 5% (nearer to 7% when card fees are included) on regular gifts. With Lepton, you can pay as little as a 0% transaction fee on regular, monthly gifts (ultimately the most important for your budgeting).

Our bank and credit card processing fees are about as low as you can get – 1.4% for UK charities, who request this price from Stripe. This means you can receive up to 123.6% of your donation on a regular gift of £100 (with Gift Aid added, after card fees). On our Launch plan, you will only pay 2% to Lepton on regular gifts.

For most churches and nonprofits, one extra donation covers all the possible fees you will be paying.

See the ‘Cost of Delay’ calculator to better understand how all this works.

Can nonprofits use Lepton?


Lepton is great for Christian nonprofits. You can receive regular monthly donations, or set up multiple funding projects. Get set up easily here.

Why should my charity use Lepton?

Lepton helps you increase donations by engaging new givers, younger givers, and your mum. We help you get set up and receiving donations quicker than other channels. You can launch for free, with no credit card required, in under five minutes. If you type fast, you can probably do it in two.

All you need is a photo, a logo, and your bank account details. We also reduce your administration, make gift aid claims easy, and provide rich data reports, which easily integrate into any finance package.

Lepton is becoming a community of generous givers because we focus on Christian giving. Like you, we understand the local church is at the centre of God’s plan. Lepton is a place where you will easily meet new Christian givers. Our brand (sorry about that word) also aligned with yours, as we are missional and gospel minded.

receiving my money

How do I link my bank account to Lepton?

As a part of setting up your free profile for your church, charity, or project, you are invited to set up your Stripe account. This is free and takes less than two minutes. All you need is the bank account details of the church, charity, or project. Make sure you have the authorisation of the account holder to do this.

Once you have made your Profile, and set up your Stripe Connect account, you are ready to start receiving donations immediately.

To set up your free profile and start raising funds on Lepton go here.

How long does it take for the money to go into our account?

As part of Stripe’s dashboard, you can set your preferences on how regularly money is deposited into your account. You can choose daily, weekly, monthly, or you can leave the funds in your Stripe account until you are ready to withdraw them manually.

You can find our more here.

If an individual donates from outside the UK or US, what currency will the donation be in?

Currently donations are set as GB£ and US$ will be added shortly. Stripe charges a small, additional foreign exchange fee for payments made in a different currency to the currency of your Stripe account. For example, if your account is in GB£, and you receive a gift from a Euros denominated card, this will be converted to GB£ by Stripe, before being paid into your account.

In the near future, Lepton will be used to receive donations in 130 currencies.

Who is your payment provider?

All donations are handled by Stripe – the leading platform for mobile and digital payments. Stripe operates with bank-grade security, so you and your supporters never need to worry. Your church or nonprofit’s profile can be linked direct to your own Stripe account, so that all donations go directly to you. Lepton never needs to touch your funds.

Have five minutes? Good. Set up for free here. No credit card needed.

What is the contact information for Stripe?

You can email them at They are typically responsive and very helpful.

Where does the Lepton fee go?

We employ a team of super-talented engineers, designers, and all round heroes, so that we can continue to innovate across mobile and the web, and to provide great solutions for your church or nonprofit. All fees are recycled directly back into product development, as well as the normal costs of running an office.

Over 10% of the company belongs to the Lepton Foundation. The Lepton Foundation is a not for profit dedicated to serving churches and Christian ministries through technology.

Our fees are amongst the lowest of any fundraising platform. If your church or organisation is on our Premium plan, then Lepton charges a 0% transaction fee. There is no long-term commitment, no credit card is required, and most of our plans are free to set up. Go here to find our more about our unique pricing policy.

We only succeed if you succeed.

Are donations secure?

Combined with Stripe, our payment provider, Lepton benefits from bank-grade security.  People who know describe it as PCI Level 1 and SSL encryption. We just call it safe.

Stripe is not only secure, but convenient. If you set up a Stripe Connect account (it only takes a couple of minutes, it’s free, and we highly recommend it), all donations will go straight from the donor’s card company to your personal Stripe account. The Stripe Connect Account can be set to deposit your money on a daily basis.

In other words, we don’t touch your money.  For many reasons, this is good for us: (1) We’re more secure, because we can’t lose or steal your money; (2) We’re more lean, which keeps costs down for you; (3) Money is covered in germs.

Do I need to hit my Project funding goal to get my money?


If a Project does not reach the targeted amount, but the collected gifts will be used on the specified project, the funds can be collected.

To give you more freedom, you may specify in your project description how you intend to use the funds if the target is not reached, or if there is a surplus.

You do not need to set a funding goal for a Project, however this can be a good idea, as it gives people a sense of timeliness and momentum.


How can I change my charity name?

You can change it from your admin log-in. Start here.

How do I remove my account or a fundraising page?

You can set you profile to inactive at any time, and it will be hidden from view.

Login into your account. From the dashboard, you can un-check the “is active” box toward the bottom of your profile/project page.

data & reports

Can Lepton integrate with my CMS, CRM or accounting software?

All data is available to download as a csv file for easy integration.

How do I integrate Lepton data with my accounting software or CMS?

You can download all necessary information via a CSV file from your dashboard. This allows you to easily upload all the data you need for your own software.

How do I know if someone donated to my Project?

Once logged in, you can see all donations on your dashboard.

How do we separate giving for different areas of church life?

All transactions in your Profile will go into your central bank account with a “tag” that shows whether the donation is for regular giving, a special project, or specific ministry.

You can download everything as a CSV file for integration into your own accounting software.


Can I get some help launching?


If you choose the “Classic” or “Premium” plan, our 30 minute ‘Successful Launch’ tutorial (over phone, Skype, etc.) is included for free. This is a big part of launching successfully and has made a real difference for many churches and charities. Browse our Resources page for a host of tools, including videos, presentations, business cards, etc.

Plus we are always on hand for any advice you require!

Can you give me some tips for writing a thank you note to my supporters?

First, thank people promptly whenever they give. Second, be as specific as possible regarding the cause or ministry. Third, if they have given to a Project, send them an update on how the Project has gone. Fourth, if they have given to the general funds, try to give them a regular personal assessment of how everything is going.

More resources are available in the Resources section.

How can I share my Project on Facebook and other social channels?

When using the web version of Lepton, copy the URL of your Profile page or Project and post the link with your comments.

How do I get my congregation or friends to support my Project?

Ask them.

Ask them multiple times, and don’t be shy, because it’s for a great cause. If you explain why it’s important to you, they will naturally want to support the Project. In terms of method, nothing beats face to face communications, whether in a Sunday service, or in small groups. Followup email is then vital, specifically including a Lepton link to the Project, so that people can easily get donating.

Finally, give your supporters regular updates on how your Project is going.

How do I promote my Project by email?

Copy the URL of your Project page from and then paste that into your email. Add photos. Use a mailing client like Mailchimp or the mailing system that comes as part of your church or non-profit CMS (content management system) to make it look pretty and to easily manage your lists of emails. Or just use your Gmail or Outlook account. The main thing is that the email comes from a recognised leader or person and is personalised. For churches ideally that needs to be the Senior Pastor or Vicar or Bishop … depending on your style.

Can you give us a giving button on our website?

Yes! We can easily add a giving button to your site. This will link straight to your Lepton Profile, you can handle all your giving and data in one, neat place. Send us an email and we’ll set it up.

I’m from the New York Times, can I write about you?

Well… OK! Just send us an email. Find out the inside story of life as a ‘missional startup,’ hear about our awful interview with Y Combinator, and how we fit alongside the team from our local church.

What URL should I send my supporters?

You will be assigned a specific URL for your church or cause. Best to share that, but people can easily find it by using Lepton’s search function.

When should I thank my individuals?

When they give money, and when you have good news to share. That might be reaching a funding target or achieving something cool!

Why is communicating Lepton to the congregation so critical?

While Lepton is great, it is not super human. Technology by itself is never a silver-bullet – it is one side of the coin. The other side is communications. Making your vision and invitation to give clear and compelling – and also how to use Lepton to act on that invitation. The churches where Lepton works best communicate Lepton most clearly. It is likely you have used other giving methods for years prior to Lepton. So when you communicate Lepton, there is no point mentioning the other channels too. Make one simple call to action with one simple way to act on it. Then communicate this several times over two to three months. From the front and by email.

Use dedicated emails – don’t bury the launch of Lepton in an email about the church picnic, Christmas activities or summer camp.

You do not need to set a funding goal for a Project. However, often this can be a good idea, as it gives people a sense of timeliness and momentum. If your Project does not hit its target, as long as you can still use the gifts towards the project you specified, then that is OK. To give you more freedom, you can write in your Project description that any surplus funds, or in the event of the Project not being fully funded, then the donations will go towards the general funds of the organisation.


Are there startup costs?

See our pricing page for the latest details.
There are no set up costs on the Church and Cathedral plans.

Hang on, currently our payment processing is free?

Firstly, if you are relying on bank transfers and cash you are missing out on donations as lots of people are allergic to paper forms. Secondly, those methods may not be as free as they appear. Remember processing Direct Debit (ACH) and other come paper forms (Gift Aid etc) comes at a cost. Managing envelopes, banking cash and cheques, processing paper bank forms all have a cost to your time and resources. Lepton helps make your life much more simple. As the treasurer of one church that uses Lepton says: “once Lepton has on-boarded one new donor, it has more than paid for itself.”

How much does it cost?

Go here to see our latest pricing

Our pricing is simple and aimed at delivering value and flexibility. All our fees are deducted from actual donations, so there’s nothing to pay if you dont receive any donations. Also, you don’t need a credit card to launch with Lepton.

Lepton fees are made up of 2 parts:

The Donation Transaction Fees is a % per donation. This is based on the total benefit to the church of each donation, including Gift Aid. So on a donation of £10 with Gift Aid, a 1% fee equates to 12.5p.

The Monthly Transaction Fees is charged each month depending what plan you are on. The first £100 incur no Monthly Transaction Fee, so you only pay it if you get more than £100 in donations that month.

Depending on the plan you choose, you can pay a larger Donation Transaction Fee and a smaller Monthly Transaction Fee or vice versa. Generally, if you are a smaller church or organisation you may want to opt for our Chapel or Church plans. If you are a larger church or organisation you may want to choose the Cathedral plan, which has a zero percent Donation Transaction Fee, so you benefit from a better and better value plan, the higher your donations get.

*Note: Pesky Card Fees are also charged by the credit and debit card system. Happily ours are among the lowest anywhere – almost always we can get you a rate of 1.4% +20p for UK charities, even for Amex. Just drop us an email and we will tell you the secret.

How do I pay?

All fees are deducted from payments automatically, so you can launch and use Lepton without having to supply credit card details.

Donation Transaction Fees (% of the donation), if any, on one-off and regular donations are automatically deducted at the point of donation by Stripe and paid to Lepton.

Monthly Transaction Fees (monthly fixed price), if any, are also automatically deducted by Stripe from donations. The first £100 of giving in any month is free. After this any Monthly Transaction Fees are deducted from the next donations. So if there are no donations above £100 in a month, there is no Monthly Transaction Fee. If the Monthly Transaction Fee was £19 and in that month the total donations received were £110, then only £10 would be deducted as a Monthly Transaction Fee.

If there are no donations above £100, you do not pay a Monthly Transaction Fee for that month.

Is it free to set up a Project on Lepton?

Yes! Setting up a Profile (for general giving) and setting up a Project (for giving to a specific cause, or target) is 100% free. Our Chapel plan does have a set-up fee but this is only charged when your donations exceed £100, so you can launch Lepton and trial it for free. To see our beautiful pricing page just go here

What does Lepton cost for Nonprofits?

Nonprofits pay the same amount as churches. To check out our pricing page, go here

What's the difference between the Chapel, Church and Cathedral plans.

The Chapel plan is designed for small churches, and includes all our core features. The Cathedral plan is our most comprehensive plan, and designed for large churches. The Church plan for for everyone in between and is our most popular plan. You can see all the details on our pricing page here

What are PCFs?

The PCFs (Pesky Card Fees) are the fees charged by our credit and debit card processing partner. To find out how to get pretty much the lowest rate in Peskyville just ping us email and we will let you into our little secret.

How does the monthly fee work?

The monthly fee is a transaction fee. This means it is only charged when there have been donations. It is only charged after £100 of donations in that month. That means, if you are on the £19 plan, and you have £110 donated that month, the charge is £10. You can sleep easy – there is no rollover of the extra £9 the next month.

What if I want to change my price plan?

No problem. You can do this from your dashboard by clicking on “Church Details” onthe left-hand menu. Monthly transaction fees are non-refundable. This means if you move to a cheaper monthly plan in the middle of the month and you have already paid the higher Monthly Transaction Fee, you would not get a refund on the difference.

Assessing your giving

What is the Cost of Delay Calculator and how does it work?

The calculator asks “how much are you missing out on if potential donors take time to set up their donation?” It then multiplies the time taken by them to start giving by the average monthly donation. In the UK it assumes that 80% of people give with the benefit of Gift Aid. Put in your email on the calculators page to get your own Excel files to play with

What is the Inconsistency Calculator?

This calculator shows you what the impact of people missing out on making one-off gifts eg. over the holidays etc is. To take a look, put in your email on the calculators page, and we’ll send you a copy


How do I add/edit photos to my campaign?

At the bottom of your sign-up or edit profile page you’ll see the space for adding photos. Pick a photo you think will inspire givers, we find pictures with people in are best

Why can't I upload a photo?

Most likely because your photo is too small. Try a larger one. The number of pixels required is 600 wide and 320 high.


Are there goal requirements or deadlines when I set up a Project on Lepton?

Not from us, you get to set your targets and deadlines for when you need the money by.

How do I change the name of my Project?

You can do this easily from the admin dashboard. Just go here

How do I end my Project?

Simple click the active/inactive box on the project set-up page

How do I update my goal?

You can do this easily from the admin dashboard. Just go here

What types of Projects are accepted by Lepton?

Lepton is for Christian churches and nonprofits. Anything that supports your mission and vision is welcome. The sky is the limit! For individuals launching projects, your donors will not benefit from a tax deduction if you are not a registered charity.

Why should I set a funding goal for my Project?

This helps motivate supporters so its clear how much you need, what the money is for and what difference the money will make.


Can I add multiple emails to my Lepton profile so that other team members can manage the account?

Unfortunately there’s no way to have multiple email addresses registered to a single account at the moment. The good news is we can definitely offer up a solution.
What you could do is create a shared mailbox, such as, update the email address on your church or nonprofit account and give whoever you’d like to be able to access your Lepton account the password. This will give other people in your organization the ability to log into the account and receive Lepton notifications to the shared email address.

We are part of an umbrella charity organisation, can we still use it?

Yes you can, just show us the charity number of the umbrella and proof that you are part of it

What if I want to cancel my membership

You can cancel anytime. Just email us at

What terms and conditions are there for payments?

Our credit can debit card payment processor is Stripe, who handle all the money transfers. In order to receive donations for your church or non-profit on Lepton can see their terms and conditions here

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