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Replace the numbers below with ones that fit for your church and see how much you are missing out on from potential donor. Typical giving methods mean donors take a long time to get set-up, what happens if they had an easy-quick interface to start giving?

  • Average donation per person per month
  • Number of members not giving regualrly
  • Expected time at church per giver (years)
  • HOW LONG UNTIL THEY SET UP GIVING? (bearing in mind they havn't set up yet)
  • around 3 months
  • around 9 months
  • around 18 months
  • never
  • Total
    The % values should all add up to 100%
  • Average delay (months)
  • What you're missing out on
    Asummes 80% of gifts are gift-aidable

This calculator looks at how often people give, and what the impact would be if they could commit to giving regularly. It’s best for churches where most giving comes through the offering plate. The numbers in the grey boxes are the assumed number of giving Sundays per year

  • Average donation
  • Total church givers
  • % who have an automatic gift transfer set-up
  • % who attend virtually every week and always give
  • % who attend and give most sundays
  • % who attend and give every other Sunday
  • % who attend and give approximately once a month
  • Total
    The % values should all ad up to 100%
  • Average giving Sundays / year / giver
  • Estimated cost of Inconsistency per year
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